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The central dogma of GenoWrite

Step 1

The Beginning: Your DNA

Every company has their DNA encoded within their products and values that is ripe for sharing with the world.

Step 2

The Formulation: Transcription

Our PhD-level expertise acts as the machinery to transcribe your DNA by putting your ideas together into an outline.

Step 3

The Writing: Translation

From the RNA of the outline, we translate your ideas and goals into the final product: marketing documents you can use to raise brand awareness.

What our clients have said

Our life sciences expertise

We also bring our research proficiency and experience in topics such as:

Genomics and Transcriptomics

- DNA Diagnostics
- Next-generation sequencing (DNA and RNA-seq)
- PCR, qPCR, and ddPCR
- Nucleic acid synthesis
- Spatial transcriptomics

Proteomics and Metabolomics

- Mass spectrometry
- Data analysis
- Precision medicine
- Biomarker development


- Probiotics
- Live biotherapeutics
- Antibiotic development
- Infectious disease management
- Other industrial applications


- Circulating tumor DNA
- CAR-T cell therapies
- Chemotherapy and immunotherapies

Human wellness

- Nutritional supplements
- Mental health
- Patient advocacy and education

Is your speciality not listed?

No worries! Part of our PhD-level experience and versatility lies in familiarizing ourselves with new information.

Broad capabilities

We also provide a wide range of copywriting content that enhances biotech communications,  including:

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