High-quality writing that engages with scientists.

GenoWrite has provided stellar content writing for our blogs and resource pages. In the past 6 months we’ve worked together, the agency has demonstrated a passion for disseminating science to our existing and potential customers. Working with them, we’ve made minimal edits and seen their efforts produce strong, effective scientific writing that generates leads.

Tom L.

Excellent Writing that Increased Product Sales

We assigned GenoWrite a series of case studies and white papers highlighting the multiplex immunoassay at work. Among those case studies were those featuring one of our customers, Genetic Analysis AS. The case studies GenoWrite curated for Genetic Analysis propelled sales of their Dysbiosis Test LX in Norway and generated new leads for our multiplex immunoassay instruments and microspheres. If you want writing that engages with customers, spurs interest in your products, and boosts sales, go with GenoWrite. Their writing generated leads for our products like never before.

Dominic A.

GenoWrite helped us revamp our website

We needed someone to edit our marketing content, including white papers, application notes, and our website. GenoWrite paid great attention to detail when looking through our materials. They provided in-depth suggestions to increase precision, engagement, and professionalism. Their expertise in next-generation sequencing workflows also gave us valuable scientific input to bolster our scientific claims.

Ultimately, GenoWrite’s editing efforts revamped our brand and helped us grow, and I would be delighted to recommend GenoWrite to anyone who needs content writing support.

Kristi A.