Interview: Studying the Grammar of Life through the ‘Omics

Company: GenoWrite (through Microbe Musings) Brief: Interview a director of strain process development, now an independent consultant, about lyophilization. This interview was conducted while GenoWrite was the media partner for Hanson Wade’s Microbiome Movement Human Nutrition Summit. Interviewee: Dr. Noah Zimmerman, Chief Technology Officer of Verb Biotics Link: Interview about the grammar of life in ‘omics research

Communicating the miracle of synthetic biology: an interview with Tae Seok Moon

Researchers have always been fascinated with refining and tweaking organisms to serve humanity. The discovery of DNA and the rest of the machinery that mediates our phenotypes have accelerated this enthusiasm well into the 21st century. Today, the enthusiasm has evolved into an entire discipline dedicated to this venture: synthetic biology. As the burgeoning industry…