7 July 2024

GenoWrite partners to provide visual art services

An announcement image prepared by Melissa Pappas highlighting the parntership between ECOS and GenoWrite

[Hamilton, Ontario; July 8th, 2024] GenoWrite has finalized a partnership with the Emerging Creatives of Science (ECOS). This partnership represents a major step for GenoWrite’s mission: to translate science in ways that any audience can relate to and learn from. 

ECOS is a global network of artists and scientists who tell stories through stunning artwork. The consortium has worked with diverse groups such as medical professionals, biotech companies, and non-profit organizations. Founded by Melissa Pappas, ECOS prides itself on a mission to build interdisciplinary collaborations to make science more inclusive and accessible to all. 

GenoWrite has recently learned to appreciate and leverage the power of visuals to complement the written word. In that spirit, Paul Naphtali noted his delight upon meeting Melissa Pappas, founder of ECOS,

“ECOS’s group of visual communicators provides us with an additional capability to serve the life sciences community through strong scientific communication. Their Ph.D.-level experience and extensive medical acumen also speak to their ability to make complex biomedical insights easy to understand and inspiring for any audience. To have so many talented visual artists available was an opportunity we could not pass up.” 

To biotech companies and life science organizations, this partnership provides another reason to collaborate with GenoWrite to bring your research to life. Get in touch with us and see how we can bring your research to life in the life sciences.