30 May 2023

What is the GenoWrite logo?

When Michaella Design gave me the first concept of the GenoWrite logo, I, the founder, was taken aback. I raised my eyes quite a bit when she took a different approach from my original logo idea. You see, I wanted a pen to be the logo. 

But after a clear, concise, and compassionate walkthrough of her rationale, my eyes beamed. She can testify to my mouth being open wide once she presented her final logo to me.  Have a closer look at it on the right! 

You might be wondering what the logo is depicting. Well that’s the topic of the first post in the PhenoWrite blog. It will be one of many articles that delve into how GenoWrite operates and the thoughts of me, the founder. 

With that said, Let’s jump in!

So what is the logo?

When I first pitched the logo idea to Michaella, I wanted a logo that represented writing at its best. I also wanted the logo to depict DNA being translated into something functional, a critical part of what GenoWrite is. It was from these components that Michaella conceived the GenoWrite logo. Each of these parts highlights GenoWrite at its best in science communications and marketing.

  • Starting off, the logo is built on the I-beam cursor. Whenever you move your mouse cursor over a piece of text, you’ll see an I-beam like the one on the left. It always comes up unassumingly and underneath your very eyes. Even so, the I-beam is indispensable for all your writing documents. Without it, you wouldn’t be able to pick out parts of the document you want to highlight or edit. 
  • The DNA molecule is the other aspect of the GenoWrite logo. The lines within the I-beams are provided with three different colours to create the major and minor grooves. This creates the double-helix effect characteristic of all DNA molecules. The DNA molecule represents the values, products, and goals of the companies with whom we collaborate and serve. 
  • Off to the right of the full logo is a mouse cursor. You encounter it in your every day work as you click on a link. The placement to the right of the company name represents the moment after the writing work is completed. By then, your content marketing is realized through the writing work we at GenoWrite do for you. The cursor also represents the clicks that you will get once you execute your marketing strategies with strong online content.

How do these aspects work together?

The beauty of the logo lies in the DNA molecule and I-beam intertwining together. It highlights how we take your company’s DNA and write out words that showcase your products at their best. By the time your mouse cursor reaches the end of the document, you’ll find yourself with more leads to turn into collaborations and sales. Each of the above features highlights GenoWrite’s penchant and commitment to biotech and life sciences writing in various ways:

  • Modern: The structure of the DNA molecule was discovered only in the 20th century. Since then, the life sciences community continues to work tirelessly to advance biomedical health through innovative technologies. In turn GenoWrite keeps up-to-date with the latest research and advances. We are constantly eager to learn more and to harness acquired and innate expertise to make documents that speak to your audiences and inspire action. Modern society has also seen a wholesale shift from print-based marketing to online content marketing. The I-beam represents the core of our work being done online, preparing documents that you can share over the internet and social media.  
  • Creative: GenoWrite believes that the beauty of creation lies in the creativity bestowed upon it. The DNA molecule represents one of the foundations from where the beautiful intricacies of the world is expressed. As is the case with DNA, there exists a synchronous machinery that actualizes this creativity through transcription and translation. The I-beam represents the creativity encoded in biotech companies highlighted and written. The cursor then shows that creativity realized at the end of the writing process. 
  • Efficient: When the central dogma of DNA works, it yields beautiful diversity in our interactions with others and the environment. The enzymes that mediate these processes work efficiently to minimize mistakes and share intended messages. In the same way, GenoWrite leverages its PhD-level expertise and emphatic writing. In doing so, we help you tell your stories and move the world forward. 

How does the logo represent GenoWrite?

If you are working in the life sciences sector, you are probably aware of the pressing need to communicate science effectively. More often than not, investors need to understand the work you do to place trust in your technologies bearing fruit. Maybe your customers are people who may not have a science background. Or perhaps your customers are other businesses who have a science background, but not in what you’re specializing in. In each of these cases, effectively communicating the amazing research that you do requires a modern and creative approach. With online marketing on the rise, you that provides documents that speak to the heart and inspire action. 

To that end, We at GenoWrite are dedicated to helping you market your world-class, life-changing products. When Michaella drew the logo, she was onto something when she pivoted to the I-beam cursor. The DNA elements intertwined with the cursors visualize GenoWrite’s commitment to sharing science with integrity, innovation, and inspiration. We do all this within a framework that ensure we tell your stories in the best way possible, on time, and with efficiency. 

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