4 March 2024

Introducing EpiWrite, a new GenoWrite blog series

GenoWrite has its beginnings in writing from the realm of microbiology. At Microbe Musings, we conduct regular interviews and create articles that highlight the latest advances in microbiology. 

But after working with several biotech companies worldwide (see our list of services here), we have recognized the proliferation of ground-breaking research beyond microbiology and infectious disease. Every day, startups boasting of new technologies and services that advance biomedical research emerge. They grow eager to share their findings and foster collaborations to ultimately drive innovation in the life sciences.

To meet this ever-growing need, GenoWrite is delighted to announce the launch of the EpiWrite blog series!

What is EpiWrite?

Like GenoWrite and PhenoWrite, EpiWrite is a play on a term in molecular genetics: Epitype. A person’s epitype is defined by the non-heritable modifications of a person’s DNA structure. Think of DNA methylation, histone acetylation, and similar kinds of DNA modifications. In a similar vein, a biotech company may seek to solve similar problems but may adopt distinct approaches that are not inherently hereditary to do so. That’s why we have multiple companies developing unique live biotherapeutics, monoclonal antibodies, and CAR T-cell therapeutics. It’s also why we have so many next-generation sequencers, PCR machines, and DNA synthesizers. Aware of the diversity inherent in biotechnological advances, GenoWrite is eager to write more within these diverse fields. 

Through EpiWrite, we plan to write on these diverse fields and solutions. We will cover the science behind these technologies, the challenges that face each field, and the work that these companies do to address these challenges. Most importantly, we will cover how GenoWrite can help companies like these share the breakthroughs they accomplished within their fields.

Our first EpiWrite interview will be ready to go later this week! We’ll see you then!