About the Founder

Paul Naphtali

Paul brings to the table a deep passion for communicating science to diverse audiences worldwide. While doing his MSc and PhD studies, he gained the experience to share the beauty of biomedical research and inspire action from his readers. 

His experiences include:

What you can expect working with Paul

Up-to-date and articulate

Paul's experience with graduate research provides him the ability to stay on top of the latest developments in the biotech industry.

Capable and collaborative

Paul has conducted and overseen multiple writing projects, working closely with clients within and outside his expertise worldwide.

Creative and versatile

Paul's love for writing and storytelling affords him the ability to write in a style that inspires target audiences and resonates with a company's ethos.

Paul's journey to GenoWrite

May 28, 2015
Seeds planted
3-minute thesis competition

Paul's first foray into science communication was at the local 3-minute thesis competition during his MSc research. There, he described why detecting fecal contamination helps public health efforts and how sequencing-based microbiome profiling can push those efforts forward. His communication skills were on show as he won the People's Choice award for his efforts.

June 2020
Cystic fibrosis advocacy

His passion for science communications continued into advocacy work while undertaking his PhD in biochemistry. As a Cystic Fibrosis Canada regional advocate, he prepared pitches to let government officials know about the benefits of Trikafta, a life-changing cystic fibrosis drug. Those efforts resulted in the drug being fast-tracked for approval in Canada, enhancing the lives of Canadian CF patients.

October 25, 2020
First seeds sprout
Microbe Musings is created

With his love for communicating science solidified, Paul created a website dedicated to sharing the latest microbiology news. He created the site to bridge the connection between the academic sphere and the general public through communication.

March 2022
The stem appears
First writing tasks

As Paul grew interested in life after his doctorate thesis, he explored different venues for applying his love for science writing to the world around him. These efforts led him to freelance writing. At this point, he started out ghostwriting blogs and literature reviews about the human microbiome. 

March 30, 2023
Plant in bloom
GenoWrite is founded

A year after his first writing task, Paul decided to take the plunge and make his freelance writing career a full-fledged business. The experience he gained writing a wide range of copywriting and educational content impelled him to step out of his comfort zone and delve into entrepreneurial work. With collaborations with biotech companies in place, his deep desire to help biotech companies worldwide only grows further.

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